Sareli was formed in 2011 by Sarah Marshall who decided to turn her lifetime passion for jewellery into a business idea. The venture began designing pieces for herself after visiting a family friend who ran a jewellery business. The lady in question was moving overseas and offered Sarah a chance to come and learn how to make jewellery from scratch, where she enjoyed the fact that every piece could be made differently. While wearing the jewellery she kept receiving many positive comments and encouragement from family, friends and work colleagues (working in a business start up environment) she was delighted to take the next step and start making jewellery for others.

From then on Sareli was born. We recognise the importance of exclusivity and the need for an outstanding product at an affordable price and that is why we source all silver, design everything in house and then individually handcraft each one. Sareli is now an Award Winning Jewellery specialist witnessing both success in the fashion and wedding industries across the World, worn by celebrities and seen on TV including reality series Made in Chelsea.